RECARO Start 2.0

The RECARO Start 2.0 has optimised side impact protection, high-quality integrated headphones and attractive new look. Unique basic functions, such as the seat cushion extension, space-saving folding mechanism or the breathable design. The RECARO Start 2.0 is for ECE groups II - III.


  • Unique RECARO Sound System using integrated speakers for child-specific audio
  • Wider shoulder support for even greater safety in the event of side impact, and increased lateral stability while cornering.
  • Adjustable height, shoulder width and seat cushion length ensure a comfortable sitting position.
  • Open construction and breathable fabric covers for a comfortable journey.
  • Specially designed shape: an "anti-submarining" ramp stops the child from slipping underneath the seatbelt in a crash.
  • An adjustable tilt mechanism changes the seat into its reclined position*
  • The ergonomically designed and integrated headrest provides support and comfort when resting as well as providing additional protection in the event of a side collision.
  • Seatbelt is easier to buckle with the new belt system.
  • Easy to transport by just folding the backrest forward and stowing the seat away.
  • The aluminium frame construction bends on impact to absorb more energy.
  • Covers are made from high-quality materials such as innovative, trendy microfibre or fashionable Bellini. Covers can be removed and machine-washed at 30°C.
  • The seat can be simply secured using the car's own 3-point seatbelt.
  • Practical bag integrated in the seat for holding an MP3 player

*The recline position is intended exclusively for ECE Group II (15-25 kg) and must not be used above this weight (ECE Group III child).

Microfibre Black / Aquavit

ECE-Group: II - III
15 - 36 kg ( 33 - 80 lbs approx.)
approx. 3 - 12 years

Seat Colours
  Recaro Start 2.0 £194.00 Unavailable

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