Car Seat Protector

The Car Seat Protector from RECARO offers your child greater safety due to the increased stability of the child seat, while simultaneously protecting the interior of your vehicle. The Car Seat Protector prevents imprints and abrasion, while crumbs, chocolate spots and similar stains end up on the Car Seat Protector, not the car seat itself.


Very practical: can be wiped clean; prevents imprints and abrasion on the car seat; protects the back of the front seat against dirty children's shoes; increases the stability of the car seat; made from synthetic leather.

Avoidance of imprints and abrasion.
Prevents imprints and abrasion.
Protection of the back side of the front seat.
Protects the back
of the front seat
RECARO Car Seat Protection
Car Seat Protector


  Recaro Seat Protector £18.00 Unavailable