Land Rover Defender Recaro seat adapters

Land Rover Defender adapters for Recaro seats.Recaro seat adapters for the Land Rover Defender 90/110.

Useful for when fitting the Recaro Cross Sportster CS seats. These adapters allow the seat to be bolted directly onto the existing seat runners and will give a natural seating position.

Sold as 2 brackets (enough for 1 seat) with the bolts required for fitting.
We can also supply the adapters needed to make the Recaro seat base easily moved for access to the battery.
You can order the adapters from the Recaro Cross Sportster CS page.
Just go to the Accessories options at the bottom of the page.

How to Install the quick access kit onto the seat.

Remove the 4 screws securing the seat bottom to the frame.
Disconnect and remove the heated seat switch if fitted.
Drill the 2 front holes out to 5/8".
Push the 2 plastic sockets into the 2 front holes.
Ensure the sockets are parallel with the frame and drill holes for 1/8" pop rivets.
Use pop rivets to secure the sockets.
Screw the 2 ball ended bolts into the 2 front holes in the seat bottom.
The seat bottom can then be pushed under the seat back and then the front pushed down into the sockets.
Ensure the balls click into the sockets to ensure the seat bottom is secure.




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