RECARO racing and sports seats.

Please Note: although some seats are carried in stock all orders are on a 'made to order' basis.

RECARO manufactures premium sports seats and racing shells as well as quality child seats for optimum protection. There are seats for either maximum protection or for maximum comfort.

Everything under control? Car seats can play a decisive role in your control of a car, especially with a competitive driving style. The better you sit, the better your reactions, and the better your control of the vehicle. RECARO builds car seats that adapt optimally to your needs, so that you can drive more safely and with greater concentration.

The main function of a child seat is to provide protection to your child in the vehicle. Most child restraint systems available on the market satisfy this requirement. Recaro child seats, however, take a more logically consistent approach. With maximum safety for your child firmly in place, Recaro have turned their attention to other issues that help children enjoy their seat. What good is even the best seat - whether in the car or at home - if your child doesn't like it?


Do you have a Land Rover Defender and need some better seats?
We can supply the seats and the adapters which retain the accessibility to the battery under the seat.

The best selling seat for Defenders is the Recaro Cross Sportster CS and the adapters allow for access to the battery under the seat.